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Kindle Fire Has Good Reason to be Popular

The Kindle Fire is small and in the category of the Nexus 7 by Google

December 3, 2012 – Amazon.com entered the tablet market with its release of the Kindle Fire, which is unique on Amazon’s part since they are not a dedicated technology company, although for the past few years they have branched out with their line of e-readers.

The Kindle Fire is small and in the category of the Nexus 7 by Google. However, it differs from the Nexus 7 in both content services and price. The Kindle Fire’s price is $199 and it runs on an Android 2.3 OS, with a display of 7 inches and has connectivity to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+ 3G. There is no camera on the Kindle Fire and its battery life is estimated at 7 ½ hours.

What makes the Kindle Fire a great purchase is its speed, as it is one of the tablet markets fastest. The Fire can open apps quicker than the majority of other tablets. The Fire is easy to type with, as the virtual keyboard is easier to operate than on other tablets.

The Kindle is lightweight at only 0.9 pounds due it having only a 7-inch screen, but it fares well against other tablets of its same size. The USB port is a positive addition, as even though the Fire is a small tablet, it includes a USB port. The Kindle can interface with Amazon Prime as it has been designed to do just that, and for only $79 annually, you can receive unlimited movie streaming and a great selection of e-books that are free to borrow.

The biggest negative feature about the Kindle Fire is its lack of storage capacity. Technically, it has an 8GB capacity, by a large chunk of that is eaten up by the tablet’s operating system. The user really only has 6GB of space for his or her content, that is less than 50% of other rivals. In addition, transferring with the USB port can take time especially with large files.

However, the Kindle is a great buy, especially if you are an Amazon.com shopper and a lover of their content and do not want to spend the money it costs for larger tablets.

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