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Kardashian Attracts Fans, Police and hardliners

December 3, 2012 – Kim Kardashian, the star of television reality shows and one of the most photographed women in the world arrived in Bahrain Saturday. When she arrived, she was met by her screaming fans, upset Muslim hardliners and riot police hurling stun grenades at protesters. The actress/model is visiting Bahrain to help launch a new milkshake franchise.

A number of Sunni Salafists were on hand demonstrating carrying banners outside an up market shopping mall known as The Walk Bahrain, in Manama the capital of the country. The demonstrators were there after some MPs tried to stop Kardashian from visiting due to what they referred to as a bad reputation, according to articles in a newspaper.

The beautiful model was met at the mall by her adoring fans that paid as much as 500 Bahraini dinars or about $1,360 per ticket and were screaming hysterically when the 32-year old reality show celebrity launched the franchise called Millions of Milkshakes in the mall.

Demonstrators were dispersed by police with the help of stun grenades while the franchise inauguration took place in the mall. Police reported no casualties during the dispersing of protesters.

Even prior to her arrival in Bahrain from neighboring Kuwait, where she helped launch another store, Kardashian created controversy. Sunni Muslim hardliner MPs presented to parliament a motion calling Kardashian a Hollywood actress with a very bad reputation reported a local newspaper.

However, the parliament did not take a vote on the Sunni’s motion. A number of fans of Kardashian tweeted against the MPs saying they should focus more time on solving the economic, social and political issues in the country said the newspaper.

The country is attempting to overcome close to 24 months of unrest amongst the Shi’ite Muslims, who are the majority and have demanded reforms in parliament and equality with Sunni Muslims who are the rulers of the Kingdom.

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