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Judd Lambasts Media For Comments

Actress Ashley Judd is upset at critics comments about her appearance.

April 12, 2012– Ashley Judd is one of the leading actresses in Hollywood. The actress sent harsh criticism to the media for their misogynistic comments. The problem started when a number of shows on television criticized the actress for the recent puffy appearance of her face. They concluded that Judd might have had work done on her face.

The media claims that the actresses face looks a lot puffer at present because she had Botox injected as have a number of celebrities. However, Judd has denied the rumors and said that it may have been from steroid medication she used to stop a cold she had for over a month.

Judd said the talks about her looks were gendered, nasty and misogynistic. She said that no matter how she looks, the media always come up with a way to say she had some type of work done on her face. Judd said it was upsetting that so many of her critics want her to have the same appearance she had 14 years ago when she appeared in Double Jeopardy.

She tells people repeatedly that a long time has passed since that movie and it is natural for her as well as for others to look differently. Nevertheless, she continues to be criticized for messing up her looks. Some reporters have even called her a pig or cow because of her added weight over the past few years.

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