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JetBlue Pilot Ruled Insane

JetBlue pilot Clayton Osbon escaped a 20 year prison term due to mental health issues.

July 5, 2012- A judge in Texas announced on Tuesday that she had found Clayton Osbon, a pilot from JetBlue Airlines, not guilty by reason of insanity. The charges related to an incident following his bizarre behavior that caused a flight to make an emergency landing.

The charge against Osbon could have brought a prison term of 20 years. Court documents showed that Judge Mary Lou Robinson from U.S. District Court in Amarillo, Texas was given a psychological examination report that said, “At the time the offense was committed, the defendant was suffering from severe mental defect or disease that impaired him from the ability to appreciate the quality, nature or wrongfulness from his behaviour.”

Both prosecutors and the defense team agreed to the contents of the report. Last month the same judge declared the former pilot fit to face trial, saying he did not have a history of mental defect of disease that would cause it to be impossible for him to help in his defense.

Osbon, witnesses said, was wrestled to the floor of the aircraft that was en route to Las Vegas from New York, after he started sprinting in the aisle and talking about al-Qaeda, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Judge ordered Osbon to be taken to a Ft. Worth prison for an examination. He will appear in court again on August 6 for a hearing where he will hear his fate.

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