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James Bond Celebrates 50 Years

Fans celebrate 50 years of the adventures with the British spy on the big screen

October 5, 2012– On Friday, fans of James Bond helped celebrate 50 years of the adventures with the British spy on the big screen with celebrations around the globe at 007 themed events. The first time Bond appeared in a film was in October 5, 1962 in Dr. No. It was the first time Bond fans heard the famous line “Bond…. James Bond,” while playing a high stakes baccarat game.

The franchise has become one of the biggest and most successful in movie history with 22 films that star Bond and earning over $5 billion. Adele, the British diva celebrated Worldwide Bond Day by releasing a clip of the latest theme song for the latest Bond movie Skyfall that is due to premiere on October 23.

The latest actor to play Bond, Daniel Craig is the sixth to play the role. However, some things have remained the same – the spy’s taste for beautiful women, vodka martinis, fast cars and high-tech gadgetry.

The core of all Bond movies from the beginning right up through Skyfall has been an obsession with violence and sex, nationalistic and hyper-masculine.

A British tourist agency joined forces with the movie franchise for just the first time in 50 years when it launched a campaign in 21 countries that is based upon the slogan “Bond is GREAT Britain.”

When the first Bond film was released, it received mixed critical reviews. One critic called Sean Connery, still the fan favorite of many, a hairy marshmallow.

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