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Isaac Aiming At New Orleans

Storm Isaac to hit New Orleans

August 28, 2012- Tropical Storm Isaac is strengthening over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, as it churns its way toward New Orleans. The storm is dumping huge amounts of rain and could cause major damage depending upon where it makes landfall along the Gulf Coast.

Just seven years ago, Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans and left behind a huge swathe of death and destruction. This summer has been very wet along the entire Gulf Coast, the land is already saturated with water making many officials worried about how easily trees could be toppled, and power lines could fall over. If the storm dumps too much water then it could flood certain crops, with the wind also destroying corn and cotton.

The slow moving storm could cause flooding and storm surge and potentially river flooding even days after the actual storm has passed. Further inland, the storm actually might bring relief to the farmers who have struggled this summer with widespread drought. It could also help replenish the Mississippi River. At times during the summer, the river was so low officials shut down barge traffic, so the river bottom could be scrapped to make it deeper.

At this point, forecaster say the storm could become a category 2 hurricane before it makes landfall. Winds are predicted to be 100 miles per hour by Wednesday morning when it is expected to hit the mainland somewhere along the Gulf Coast. Currently it is headed toward New Orleans but there are hurricane warnings posted along 280 miles of the coastline.

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