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Is Affleck Pondering Senate Run

Ben Affleck did not express himself all that much, but did not come out and say no, when asked by Bob Schieffer to discuss the possibility of Affleck running for a Massachusetts senate seat should current Massachusetts Senator John Terry be chosen by President Obama to become the next Secretary of State.

Affleck said he did not want to get into any speculation over the possibility of his political future. Affleck was being interviewed by Schieffer for this Sunday’s CBS news show Face the Nation. The actor and director did say he had great admiration and fondness for this country’s political process.

He said he is happy working on the outside of government as this point. He is currently advocating through his own Eastern Congo Initiative on behalf of civilians in Congo. He has also used his new film Argo to help start a discussion over the relationship the U.S. has with Iran.

Affleck was on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to testify about the Democratic Republic of Congo situation in front of the House Armed Service Committee. Affleck described the conflict in Congo as the deadliest in decades.

In his testimony, Affleck asked that the government of the U.S. use the leverage it has inside the United Nations to revisit and then revamp the peacekeeping effort the organization has had for over 15 years in that region.

On Thursday, a representative for Affleck said the actor had to back out of a commitment to do the film Focus, because of conflicts with scheduling. The cameras were going to start filming the movie this April.

Affleck has starred in numerous films including Pearl Harbor and recently starred in and directed Argo. The actor is also very good friends with fellow actor Matt Damon.

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