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iPad 3 Can Get As Hot As 116 Degrees

The new iPad 3 can withstand very high temperatures.







March 22, 2012– Consumer Reports announced on Tuesday that tests conducted on the recently released iPad 3 show that the tablet can heat up to 13 degrees higher than its predecessor can. The consumer protection magazine said the heat tends to be concentrated for the most part on the lower left hand corner of the iPad and the highest it reached in testing was 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consumer Reports said in their review that the new iPad was looking like the best tablet it that had ever been tested by the magazine. This included tablets from all manufacturers, not just previous iPads. The brief review said the iPad’s new additions to the resolution of the display, the camera and graphics power were very good upgrades.

Nevertheless, chatter on blogs and in different Apple forums prompted the magazine to say they would look into the heat issue raised by a number of users of the new tablet. The magazine last November withheld its rating of “recommended” for the iPhone 4S, but has yet to say if it will recommend the iPad 3 or not.

A number of reports about the heating up of the new iPad cropped up over the first weekend following the launch of the tablet on March 16. Many users, who have used previous iPads, say the new one is much warmer after being in use for a period of time. Some even went as far as saying the tablet was uncomfortable to the touch when it heated up.

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