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Hunger Games Wins For Third Consecutive Week

The Hunger Games continues to dominate the box-office.

April 9, 2012- Hunger Games has now taken first place for three consecutive weeks. The incredibly popular film earned $33.5 million over the Easter weekend. The domestic take for the movie increased to over $302 million. It easily beat two new debuting sequels American Pie and Titanic in 3D.

Both new movies had solid openings as American Reunion took in over $21.5 million on the weekend, which was the lowest debuting week since the original debuted in 1999. The 3D version of Titanic earned a respectable $17.4 million on the weekend. It opened midweek last week and therefore its total take since opening is $25.7 million.

Hunger Games, which forces a teenager to fight her peers to death, has now surpassed the gross of all of the Twilight films and all by the first and last editions of the Harry Potter movies. The movie has helped to make the start of 2012 a record one. Total domestic revenues thus far for 2012 are $2.8 billion. That represents an increase of 20% over last year.

The American Reunion sequel reunited all the major members of the original 1999 hit including Alyson Hannigan, Jason Biggs, Mena Suvari, Tara Reid and Seann William Scott.

The money earned by Titanic put its gross overall income for the movie at $626 million.

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