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Hunger Games Takes The Box Office Title Again

Hunger Games is the king of the box office.

April 1, 2012- The Hunger Games won the box office title for the second consecutive week. The movie increased its worldwide title by another $96 million over the weekend. Its total for worldwide sales is now at an amazing $365 million after only 10 days.

The movie, produced by Lions Gate, is about teenagers who are forced into a survival match that only ends with death. Ticket sales in the U.S. were also first for the second straight week. Over $61 million was earned at U.S. and Canadian box offices this past weekend.

Domestically the film’s receipt dropped by 60% from the huge first weekend opening. However, the decline was consistent with other huge franchise films like Harry Potter and Twilight.

Staying power is so important for movie sales and it showed that word of mouth for the movie is working. Jennifer Lawrence stars as the heroine in the movie. Last weekend it opened with $152.5 million in sales making it the third-highest debut domestically of all time and the biggest for a movie that was non-sequel.

Some fans that were interviewed before or after seeing the movie this weekend said they had returned for a second viewing. Nearly 13% of those interviewed said it was the second time they had seen the film.

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