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Hundreds runs on New York Marathon even after the event was cancelled

New York Marathon

November 04, 2012- For just the first time in the history of the event, the New York Marathon has been canceled. City officials decided that holding the event less than a week after the city was devastated by Hurricane Sandy was not the correct thing to do, as it would take away resources and distract from the ongoing recovery.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and race organizers the New York Road Runners, said in a Friday statement that they would not want the race to have a cloud hanging over neither it nor its participants. The statement said that even such an important event as the marathon could not distract the attention away from the important work everyone is doing to recover from Sandy.

For years, the marathon and autumn have shared New York City for a day. It has been a day when the city turned out to support the world’s best long distance runners and the thousands of joggers who were lucky enough to get entry. In 2001, it was run just weeks after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 even while crews were working to find the remains of the dead and clear rubble from the twin towers.

Close to 47,000 runners had registered to run, including more than 20,000 from outside the U.S. The event increases hotel usage by 40,000 rooms for at least a period of five days said the office of tourism for the city.

Many runners have already arrived and were upset with the news of the race being cancelled. Some said that cancelling the race at such a late stage would cause great expense for many who have had to travel from afar.

One study performed estimated that New York City received an economic impact of more than $340 million from the NYC Marathon.

New Yorkers were starting to resent the marathon after they tried to book hotel rooms after their residents were flooded and were disappointed when they found out that marathoners had booked rooms months ahead of time. Shortage of rooms was also exacerbated by the hotels that had to close because of power outage or storm damage.

Despite everything happening around, thousands of runners gathered near the Central Park wearing Marathon shirts and started running to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

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