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Hulk Hogan Sues Distributor of Sex Tape

Hogan filed a lawsuit against the sex tape distributor Bubba Clem and the ex-wife of Clem, Heather Clem

October 16, 2012 – The sex tape featuring former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has caused embarrassment and betrayal. Now you can add litigation to the list of things the tape has caused.

On Monday, Hogan filed a lawsuit against the sex tape distributor Bubba Clem and the ex-wife of Clem, Heather Clem. The lawsuit alleges that the two videotaped Hogan and Heather having sex in the bedroom of Heather over six years ago.

The former wrestler says he was not aware at the time that he was being taped. The video’s release, which has been perceived by the public as unfavorable has diminished the value of Hogan, said the lawsuit.

Hogan was raised in the Tampa, Florida area and lives there now. He has also sued the owner of the website Gawker.com, Gawker Media. The site is a gossip site that just recently has released a video excerpt of the tape. That lawsuit has been filed in Tampa, in federal court.

Attorneys for Hogan said he is seeking damages $100,000 from the gossip website. The legal team for Hogan has asked on a number of occasions for the video excerpt to be taken off Gawker.com but the operators of the website have refused.

The lead attorney for Hogan said that the defendant’s actions are not tolerable in a civil society. He added that Hogan would take all the steps necessary to make sure all of the entities and persons involved in the tape incident are punished to the full extent of the law.

Terry Bollea is Hulk’s real name and he appeared on Monday afternoon in a news conference outside a Tampa, Florida courthouse. His head was covered in a black do-rag, he wore wraparound shades, jeans and a black shirt.

David Houston the personal attorney for Hogan said the former wrestler would not allow himself to be treated or victimized like this.

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