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Hudson Family Killer Gets Life Sentence

The man who murdered Jennifer Hudson’s family was sentenced to three life sentences.

July 25, 2012- William Balfour was convicted this past May of fatally shooting Jennifer Houston’s mother and brother after breaking into their family home. He was also found guilty of killing Hudson’s nephew who was just seven years old. On Tuesday, Balfour received a life sentence for the crimes with the judge saying Balfour had the heart of an arctic night.

Balfour was given three consecutive life sentences with no chance for parole. Another 120 years were added on top of that for home invasion and aggravated kidnapping. Before the sentencing, the judge said to Balfour his soul was barren like dark space is.

Hudson wiped away tears frequently during Balfour’s sentencing. Hudson is an Academy Award winner for her role in Dreamgirls and she won a Grammy for her first album. She left the proceedings without giving a statement to the press.

Balfour was rocked with jealousy over Julia Hudson his estranged wife and Jennifer’s sister, who he had previously threatened on many occasions. He said that at one time he would kill her family and then her.

Hudson testified at the trial and said she knew Balfour since elementary school but never liked him. Balfour spoke prior to being sentenced and gave his condolences to the family of the victims and prayers to Julian King, the nephew of Hudson he killed and left in an abandoned vehicle.

Balfour said he loved the child, but the judge said afterwards that it was an insult to everyone in the court for him to say that.

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