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Hudson Cries During Testimony

Pop star Jennifer Hudson was in court for the murder of her family.

April 24, 2012- Jennifer Hudson, the Oscar winning singer and actress, was in tears on the witness stand, while testifying for the prosecution against the man on trial accused of murdering her family members. Four years ago, the man allegedly killed Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew in a fit of jealous rage.

Hudson was called first by prosecutors after their opening statements. Her testimony was brief by highly emotional and she told the jury that her family was against her sister marrying the defendant William Balfour. She also spoke about when was the last time she had seen the members of her family.

The actress and singer first looked to be composed when prosecutors started asking questions, but little by little her testimony became harder and harder and she began to cry when she described how she saw her family prior to the killings.

The family was completely against Hudson’s sister marrying Balfour, saying he did not treat her well. Balfour has pleaded not guilty the three counts of murder in the first degree for the 2008 slayings.

Hudson’s sister Julia also testified confirming her family was against her marrying Balfour. Hudson watched, with Kleenex in hand, as her sister testified.

The defense, in opening statements, said the police were pressured to fight the killer quickly as it was a high profile case and therefore pinned the blame on Balfour. Julia Hudson said that just days before the killings, Balfour promised to kill her and her family if she ever left him.

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