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Higher Prices for Air Travel this Holiday Season

On Saturday, US Airways launched a broad based increased of $10 one-way on their airfares

December 5, 2012 – Trying to find good prices on airfare for the upcoming holiday season has become more and more difficult as fuel prices increase and airlines attempt to add fare hikes. On Saturday, US Airways launched a broad based increased of $10 one-way on their airfares.

Insiders said that fare increase is the most aggressive one they have seen thus far in 2012. Analysts suggest that passengers looking for airfares on US Airways should wait a few days, as they believe few people will accept the fare hike the airline made and they might have to cancel the increase.

The other airlines thus far have not joined US Airways, which is not a good sign the increase in prices will succeed. If no other airline matches the increase, the flights for the airline will be at the end of the line when doing comparison shopping and that will make the airline rollback its increase to remain competitive. The process could take as long as three business days.

The latest fare increase was the 15th one attempted in 2012. Seven of the 15 have stuck. Last year there were much more airfare increases attempted, with 22 in all for 2011. Nine of the 22 attempted last year were successful.

Last Friday, Southwest matched some of their airfares on some Florida routes. The hike in price was one with a more regional affect and is not considered as one of the official price hikes.

Nevertheless, without the latest increase, fliers this holiday are likely to spend more than they did last year to return home for the holiday.

The average airfare across the nation is $469, which is 4% more than the same time a year ago. If the airfare were purchased in October, you would have saved an average of $39.

Analysts’ warned that airfares would increase more and more as the holidays near. Many of them recommended flying prior to December 10, with the lowest fares on December 17, 18, 25 and 31. In addition, flights that are booked for the early morning or very late at night are usually less costly.

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