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Heart Disease Risk For Severely Obese Children

Obese children are at risk for a multitude of health problems including heart disease.

July 25, 2012– A new study done in the Netherlands, found that high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure are the commonplace, not an exception, in adolescents and children who are severely overweight.

It is common knowledge that obesity is tied to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and even ultimately death. However, the new study is tying severe obesity with a risk of cardiovascular factors, even amongst children who are only two years of age.

The study was held nationwide in the Netherlands and found that over 67% of the children who were severely obese already had a minimum of one risk factor for heart disease. That information was taken from a database of clinical records from doctor’s offices throughout the country. In all, 500 cases were found of obesity in children were reported.

In the U.S., there are also signs of development of heart disease amongst adolescents and children. A recent Center for Disease Control study found that close to 67% of U.S. teenagers who are obese also have a minimum of one cardiovascular risk indicator. Even more alarmingly, the study also found that in U.S. teens, those that are not overweight, close to 25% have pre-diabetes or diabetes.

The most remarkable part of the study done in the Netherlands is that heart disease signs were found even amongst children who were much younger. Among the children who were between 2 and 12 and were severely obese, 62% had at least one and sometimes two risk factors present.

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