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HBO Being Sued for Alleged Cover Up of Horse Deaths

January 4, 2013 – In March of 2012, HBO surprised many when it cancelled Luck, following the show being attacked over the alleged treatment of animals on its set. The show starred Dustin Hoffman and was a popular series on the network. Even though the show was cancelled, the saga continues. Barbara Casey filed suit against HBO and her former employer, the American Humane Associations’ television and film unit. She worked as a director of production for the AHA.

Casey said she worked for 13 years for the AHA and filed suit against them for allegedly terminating her wrongfully in January of 2012. She has also filed suit against HBO and Stewart Productions, the producer of Luck for helping to cover up the alleged abuse that took place for months before the series was cancelled.

The lawsuit, which was filed in a Los Angeles court, alleges that AHA observed underweight, sick, drugged horses that were routinely used for the show. The producers of the show allegedly misidentified the horse so that animal safety personnel could not track the horses’ medical histories any longer, said court documents.

Casey said that Stewart Productions and HBO wanted to save money and time instead of cooperating with the AHA. The production company pressured the AHA to allow it to violate animal safety standards of the organization.

No comment was released by the AHA and HBO said it took every available precaution to make sure the horses were always treated humanely and with the best of care, exceeding the safeguard of all guidelines and protocols.

The AHA allegedly did not listen to Casey’s objections and went along with the show’s producers. She is alleged to have requested law enforcement officials be contacted. In the lawsuit, Casey alleges that the AHA bowed to financial and political pressure and would not report the conduct of the producers to authorities.

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