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Google Maps Appears Once Again on the iPhone

Once again, the Maps app by Google for the iPhone has been released

December 14, 2012 – Once again, the Maps app by Google for the iPhone has been released. Its release followed the large number of complaints about the software by Apple. Apple replaced the mapping services of the search giant controversially with its own mapping service upon the release of the new iPhone 5.

Apple’s move brought broad criticism after many mistakes were found in search results on Apple Maps. The new app by Google, introduces functions that had previously be restricted to only devices run by Android. One analyst said the move would prove to be popular, but added that a challenge was still being posed by Nokia. Nokia, based in Finland, launched recently a free maps app of its own for Apple’s iPhone.

In June when Apple made the announcement it was launching a maps app of its own, which used licensed data and its software, developers were pleased. However, soon after the September launch of the app, complaints started to roll in. In the app, Stratford-upon-Avon the historic town in the UK is missing, a Dublin farm was labeled as an airport, people were sent into a searing desert in Australia, and the Queen’s Pier terminal in Hong Kong was not located correctly.

Images taken from satellites were at times blurry or showed just a cover of clouds and the Flyover facility that was much vaunted made surreal views of certain landmarks including the Hoover Dam and Brooklyn Bridge.

Upon facing increased criticism, CEO Tim Cook at Apple wrote an apology to users acknowledging their frustration. The maps app problem did not affect the sales for the iPhone, but the problem was linked to Scott Forstall’s ousting. He was the software chief of the iOS and had reportedly refused to put his signature on the letter of apology Cook made.

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