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Girl Shot and Killed on South Florida School Bus

The teenager took his gun from the backpack he was carrying and started to show it to everyone on the school bus

November 21, 2012 – A teen from South Florida has been charged with the fatal shooting of a girl who was just 13, while riding on the school bus. The killing took place while the girl’s sister along with several students were on the bus. A shooter, a male student aged 15 was detained by police in Homestead, Florida. He was charged later in the day on Thursday with manslaughter and possessing a concealed weapon.

The report from Miami-Dade police said the teenager took his gun from the backpack he was carrying and started to show it to everyone on the school bus. The report said he then shot the gun one time and fatally hit Lourdes Guzman.

Rescue workers airlifted the teenager to a hospital in Miami where she later died. Eight children, including Guzman’s younger sister, who is seven, were riding the bus at the time but were unharmed. The eight children along with the driver of the bus were taken from the scene by police for interviewing.

Guzman was attending Palm Glades Prep Academy a charter school, while her younger sister was attending Summerville Advantage Academy, which is nearby.

At the scene of the crime, concerned families gathered. The area was cordoned off with police crime tape so authorities could comb through the bus to find any possible evidence.

The shooting took place only approximately seven minutes before the bus reached the school. One concerned parent said the shooting spooked him and he was considering taking his child out of that particular school and even possibly giving him home schooling.

Many students at the school were not aware of the shooting as no announcement of the shooting was made prior to the school canceling classes, but word got out while students were awaiting the buses.

One parent spoke about how tragic the situation was especially when everyone was preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving Day on Thursday. The bus did not have video equipment set up onboard.

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