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Gay Couple File Suit against United Continental

Gay Couple File Suit against United Continental

August 30, 2012- United Continental has been accused by a gay couple of outrageous and extreme conduct due to an alleged incident that involved a sex toy being taped to the outside of their luggage. The incident, said the two men caused both severe emotional trauma.

Martin Borger and Christopher Bridgeman of Virginia filed their suit seeking damages due to intentional infliction that created emotional distress, negligence and invasion of their privacy. The suit was filed against United Continental in Texas on Friday.

Border said in an interview that the incident still gives his stomach butterflies when he recalls it.

The airline said that a thorough internal investigation had been conducted and could not find any evidence that would support the team men’s accusations.  An airline spokesman said that United’s policy is to not tolerate any discrimination at all. The spokesman said the airline planned to defend itself and its employees vigorously.

The alleged incident took place May 21, 2011 when the couple were on their return from a Costa Rica vacation. The two men were returning to Virginia on Continental and had a 90-minute layover in Houston. When their flight landed in Houston, they picked up their luggage, cleared customs and then rechecked the luggage and flew on to Virginia.

When they arrived in Virginia, and went to the baggage pickup area, they discovered that their sex toy had been removed from their luggage. The toy was covered in a greasy substance and taped very prominently on their baggage, said the documents they filed in court.

The men said, according to court documents, that fellow passengers waiting to claim their own luggage started laughing at the two men causing great humiliation and embarrassment.

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