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Facebook To Allow More Access To Information

April 13, 2012– Starting Thursday, Facebook will allow its users to have access to additional information such as friend requests that the user made and IP addresses the user used to sign onto the network. This feature will be rolled out on a gradual basis to all Facebook users and more categories will be downloadable as time goes on, said Facebook on one of its blogs.

Some advocates for privacy want Facebook to release even more information. They say the company released just a fraction of all the data it maintains on users. Along with the new changes that were announced by Facebook on Thursday, users will be able to download videos and photos, messages, wall posts, chats and names and email addresses from their friends. Users also can download their own information from Facebook by going to their account settings section of their Facebook account. At the bottom part of that page, there is a link titled “Download your Facebook data.”

You can click on the green button that says Start Archive. The information will not post any of your comments that you have made on profiles of other users, the status updates of friends, their photos or the personal information of anyone else.

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