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Facebook-Friend Tagging added by Microsoft to searches on Bing

Bing becomes Facebook Friendly

July 31, 2012- Microsoft added yet one more feature for Facebook to its search engine Bing. Now it is possible to tag as many as five of your friends from Facebook by typing in their name on the right side of the page in a sidebar, when you decide to share a particular search. The idea is they will give you some sort of input on the query you made.

If you have previously received Bing permission for access to your account on Facebook, the question will be posted automatically to your Timeline on Facebook. In addition, you Facebook friends who were tagged will receive notification in order for them to help you with your search.

Microsoft announced three scenarios where doing this would be useful. For example asking a friend who is a guru in traveling for help in planning your next summer vacation, or asking a friend who is a lover of food to help suggest what to cook for your next family barbecue. In addition, you can ask your regular friends to come along after you find amazing hiking trails.

About two months ago, the software giant announced it was putting more features for Facebook on Bing. The search engine received a new column that features your friends on Facebook who might have some sort of insight into your search.

The new feature added on Tuesday is another improvement to the social sidebar that was recently added. It is part of the long term plan of Microsoft to use Twitter and Facebook more often in its battle against the net’s largest search engine, Google.

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