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Facebook Advertises On Zynga

Facebook is attempting to increase revenue through Zynga.

June 24, 2012- Facebook announced that it had started to place ads on the website Zynga. The move is another way for the social network to increase its revenue sources following its flawed IPO back in May. Placing advertising on a site that is non-Facebook might also be the social networks first attempt toward starting a new ad network of its own, a potential competitor for AdSense by Google.

A spokeswoman for Facebook said that people would see sponsored stories and new ads from Facebook on the site Zynga.com. The spokeswoman said Facebook would not share information about advertisers of people with Zynga. When Zynga users play games on its site, ads from the social network will appear along the margin, just as they do when Facebook users play Zynga games on Facebook.

Zynga and Facebook have had a long relationship that has been close, since Zynga became a huge multibillion-dollar business when it launched popular games such as FarmVille on the Facebook’s platform. Facebook receives a 30% share of the revenues made through the use of Zynga games that are played on Facebook.

One analyst said the move was part of the company’s way to learn more about the behaviour of users outside the walls of Facebook. The analyst also said it could be Facebook’s first step in starting its ad network and building new streams of revenue onto its platform.

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