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Euro Cup Soccer Fans Pleased With Organization In Poland

According to a recent survey for the European Soccer Cup, visitors found Poland to be an excellent host country.

July 7, 2012– Poland was one of the host countries for the recent European Soccer Cup held every four years. A recent survey shows that many of the visitors to Poland were pleased with how the Cup was organized and enjoyed their stay in the country.

The survey said that over 84% of foreign visitors found the Cup organization was very good and that 81% of those polled said they would definitely return to Poland. Another 60% of those surveyed said it was their first visit to Poland and nearly all said they would recommend to their friends to visit Poland.

Over 91% of those surveyed said they enjoyed the atmosphere in Poland during the Cup, with 77% of foreign visitors saying they were satisfied with the public transportation and 85% said always felt safe while in the country.

Many visitors said the volunteer staff that helped tourists was very knowledgeable, had a great understanding of English, were able to communicate well and were eager to help.
The country’s National Statistics Bureau conducted the study during the Cup in June using a sample of just over 2,000 visitors. The surveys were done with people older than 15 and before, during and after all the games.

Cup organizers said of the countries whose clubs did not partake in the tournament, that the most tickets sold were to Canadians and Americans.

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