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Esquire Names Mila Kunis Sexiest Woman

October 07, 2012- The life of Mila Kunis just gets better and better. The beautiful, sultry 29-year old has a number of feature films due to hit the big screen in 2013. Kunis also has started a romantic relationship with Ashton Kutcher and to top it off, was named by Esquire magazine as the world’s sexiest woman alive.

The magazine bestowed that title on Kunis, who takes the throne from Rihanna, last year’s winner. As is the tradition with this honor, Kunis celebrated by having a photo shoot in lingerie and at times even less. The photos will appear in the November issue of the magazine. In the magazine, she spoke in an interview about everything from humor to politics and being an immigrant.

She moved to the U.S. from Russia. However, calls the interest over that move and transition overblown. She says it was easy for her, but it was her parents that suffered and gave up all they had to come to the U.S. She said she was eight at the time and just tagged along.

Of course, no 8-year old just beginning a new life in a different country could have imagined she would eventually be known in nearly every household and followed daily by paparazzi. She says now she cannot even leave the house without someone taking her photo.

Kunis said she feels the Republican’s attack on women is offensive as well as the way they talk about religion. Regardless of her political thoughts, the actress has slowly climbed her way to the top and now can add Sexiest Woman Alive to her list of accomplishments.

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