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Eleven Arrested in Indonesia for Terrorist Plot

The group was planning to bomb the U.S. embassy located in Jakarta

October 28, 2012 – Police in Indonesia on Saturday said they arrested 11 individuals for planning terrorist attacks in different targets within Indonesia including the building that houses the U.S. embassy. A spokesperson for the police said the special anti-terror group known as Detachment 88, arrested the 11 in four areas of Indonesia – Boger, Madiun, Solo and Jakarta.

The police spokesperson said that during the raids they discovered a book on how to assemble bombs, explosive materials, detonators and ammunition. The suspects are all members of a group known as Haraqah Sunni of Indonesian Society.

The group was planning to bomb the U.S. embassy located in Jakarta, the Surabaya U.S. Consulate, the Plaza 89 a building close to the Australian Embassy, an office of a mining company in the U.S in Jakarta and Central Java’s police mobile headquarters.

It is not clear how far along the plans for the bombing were and a spokesperson for the U.S. embassy would not make a comment about the people arrested. Authorities in Indonesia had warned in early October that terrorist organizations might be planning attacks that target dignitaries who were attending the 10th anniversary of the Bali attacks.

The police in Indonesian raised the security alert in the country after terrorist movements had been uncovered and indicated terrorists might target people such as the visiting Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard. No attacks or incidents took place during the events on October 12.

In 2002, a bombing in two nightclubs in Bali took the lives of 202 people. Included in the dead were 88 people from Australian and 7 from the U.S. The attack remains the region’s most deadly terrorist attack and was the work of Kemaah Islamiyah who is linked to al-Qaeda.

Many western countries helped Indonesia following the attacks to set up an anti-terrorist group in their police force.

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