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Ebola Kills 14 In Uganda

The Ebola Virus is appearing in Uganda.

July 29, 2012- A deadly outbreak of Ebola virus that first erupted in the western part of Uganda in the beginning of July has now taken 14 lives, said the World Health Organization on Saturday. The most recent outbreak took place in the Kibaale district in western Uganda. The district is about 125 miles to the west of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. It is also only 32 miles from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s border with Uganda.

The representative for the WHO, the health organization said that 20 people have contracted Ebola and of those 20, 14 have lost their lives. The representative from WHO said teams for the Center for Disease Control in the U.S. and the health ministry in Uganda had been dispatched to the western area of Uganda.

WHO and all those involved want a quarantine to be set up as quickly as possible. The disease is very rare and named after a Democratic Republic of Congo river. In 2007, it killed 37 people in the western region of Uganda. In 2000, in the northern part of the country, the virus killed over 170 people.

Medical experts are not sure what caused the disease to spread again, but insist it is very important that medical experts can bring it under control and stop the spread of the disorder.

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