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Dylan Lashes Out at Negative Comments

Bob Dylan

September 13, 2012 – Bob Dylan has responded angrily to recent accusations that he plagiarized, saying only pussies and wussies complain like that. Dylan also took issue with the label of “Judas” given to him during the 1960s. He said that all those evil people could rot in hell. Dylan’s decision to move away from his acoustic roots and go to electric prompted insults from members of his audience in Manchester, England during a concert in 1966.

He has been accused of plagiarizing other authors’ work on recent albums. He told Rolling Stone magazine that just pussies and wussies do the complaining about that kind of stuff. He said it was part of his tradition and went way back. He said he has not plagiarized anyone.

He accused those calling him a plagiarizer as the same ones who called him Judas so many years ago. He said it was tough for him to work his way back from being called Judas, the most hated man in the history of mankind. What he cannot believe is that he was called Judas for playing an electric guitar, as if it he were betraying the Lord.

Dylan said his accusers and critics have used a different set of rules for him. He says he only works on what he calls his art form and within the limitations and rules of it, nothing else.

The persons’ identity who shouted out “Judas” in the Manchester concert between two songs has long been disputed, with two of Dylan’s fans laying claim it was them.

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