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Dick Clark Dies At 82

April 19, 2012- Dick Clark represented rock ‘n roll since it birth up until his death. The 82-year old Clark died Wednesday. He helped bring rock ‘n roll into the living rooms of millions from baby boomers to their grand children.

He was known for decades as the world’s oldest teenager. However, age and health took its toll of late and caught up with his boyishness. Clark will be best remembered for his Saturday afternoon show American Bandstand and his hosting of the annual New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square.

He was also a very successful entertainment entrepreneur and producer. His production company supplied game shows, movies, beauty pageants and more. For a period during the 1980s, Dick Clark Productions had programs running on all three of the major networks simultaneously.

Clark was listed as one of the top 400 wealthiest Americans by Forbes magazine. On Wednesday, he passed away from a heart attack at a hospital in Santa Monica. His company produced so many shows that it was hard for him to keep track. He once told an interviewer that it was embarrassing when someone came up to him to say how much they loved his show and he was not sure which one they were speaking of.

In 2004, Clark had a stroke that greatly affected his ability to both talk and walk. That same year he missed the New Year’s Eve celebration in Time Square. The following year he was back, although at times it was hard to understand his speech.

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