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Depardieu Opts to Remain in Belgium

Gerard Depardieu, the French movie star has decided to remain in Belgium even though the French government ended their plans to hike taxes for the rich by 75%. The measure was axed by the French government that said it failed to take into account equality prior to public burdens.

The talented 64-year-old actor told a publication from France that the decision taken by the Constitutional Committee to end the tax hike measure did not change anything. He said he did not care about the measure.

The measures were aimed at lowering the deficit in France by placing a tax as high as 75% on citizens of France whose incomes was over 1 million euros. Depardieu, who is a multi-millionaire recently, became the most talked about exile due to taxes from France, when he said he was going to renounce his French citizenship and start calling Belgium home.

Many greeted Depardieu’s announcement with anger criticizing the actor of tax evasion and being unpatriotic. Depardieu lashed out at his critics by saying he was not looking for their approval, just their respect. He also said that many French citizens have left the country but were not insulted like he was.

He has sold his mansion in Paris that was worth 65 million euros and purchased a property in Nechin, a Belgian village. He is just one of many tax exiles from France to settle in Belgium following the tax hike announcement aimed at the rich.

The new tax was dismissed by the Constitutional Council of France on Saturday because it applied to individuals and not households and therefore was not in the best interest of equality. However, concerns over the rate being too high were not voiced by the Council. The government said they would proceed with the new law by making all necessary changes to gain Council approval.

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