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Defending champions Eagles are looking forward

The Eagles are becoming the part of 2018 season as defending Super Bowl champions. They are moving ahead with their happiness of obtaining Lombardi Trophy for the first time. Now experts are looking forward to find out if their victory can change the NFL. The latest draft of NFL was a clear indication of the confidence of the Philadelphia Eagles.

This talented and deep squad is running under the supervision of a poised coach “Doug Pederson” The Eagles are favorite for the NFC East season. This victory can improve their position in Super Bowl.


Prediction: First in NFC East


To become victorious in Super Bowl, Eagles will need an impressive game from Nick Foles. The player is bipolar after his great game for Wentz. He is famous for his fantastic performance (3 touchdowns and 352 yards) against the Vikings.

He has some different performances, such as his performance against Cowboy where he hardly completes 4 pass attempts out of 11. Foles has impressive talent in passing game, such as Zach Ertz, Torrey Smith, Nelson Agholor, and Alshon Jeffery.

Along with some weapons for passing games, the Eagles can run the ball efficiently. For this purpose, the team has a trio of Jay Ajayi, Corey Clement, LeGarrette Blount (former Patriot). Eagles are ranked as the seventh best in the game because of their average of 365 yards for each game.

Eagles are working with Corey Clement and Jay Ajayi. They have some impressive names in their offense and defense line.


Defense line of Eagles plays a vital role to increase their strength. In the past 4 games, the defense of eagle was not allowed over ten points in a game. They were forced nine turnovers. To win a franchise of Super Bowl, the Philadelphia has to maintain the strength of their defense.

The Eagles are prepared for their Super Bowl defense. The defense can get pressure on the passer. Without any doubt, Eagles are outstanding to invade pockets of enemies with four rushers. They can make a coverage scheme sound and difficult to exploit.

The Philadelphia Eagles have high expectations with Sidney Jones (cornerback). With his considerable skills, he can make a significant contribution in the current year. There was a question mark on the entry of Douglas and Mills in 2017, but they proved their skills. They can benefit their team with the persistent pass rush.

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