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Curry Leaves Today Show After 15 Years

NBC has asked Ann Curry to leave The Today Show.

June 29, 2012- The Today show on NBC had a brief, sad and tearful farewell today for Ann Curry its co-host. Curry offered a goodbye, as the co-host of the show, saying it did not turn out as she had expected after working on the show for 15 years.

Curry was co-host of the show with Matt Lauer for just one year following several years of being the show’s news anchor. Her departure on Thursday ended over a week of awkward morning television. She arrived at work after word leaked that NBC was in the process of ousting her, with neither the network not her commenting on the leaked stories until today’s show.

Curry was placed in a position that was not suited for her and blaming her for the slide in ratings for the show would be just too simplistic. Expecting the person who succeeds her to turnaround the show’s rating would be unrealistic.

Industry experts said the problem was not Ann Curry, but her ouster was the networks first response to the end of its long time winning streak of being the number morning show. From December of 1995 until just recently, the show had won every week of the ratings for morning shows.

Its consecutive week’s streak reached 852 when it was snapped. ABC’s Good Morning America topped the ratings earlier this spring. The two have flip-flopped since the streak was broken with Good Morning America winning four weeks.

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