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Cruise Somber For 50th Birthday

Tom Cruise celebrated his 50th birthday without his estranged wife or youngest daughter.

July 5, 2012- Tom Cruise spent his 50th birthday quietly with Connor and Bella, his teenage children, along with his extended family. They all spent the day at his mansion in Beverly Hills. Both Katie Holmes, his estranged wife and Suri, his daughter were not present. Holmes filed divorce papers last week and has been staying with Suri in their Manhattan apartment since her bombshell rocked Cruise and Hollywood.

One source says the plan had been for Cruise, Holmes and daughter Suri to spend his birthday in New York, and then return to Hollywood where Cruise is completely the filming of Oblivion.

However, following the filing of the divorce papers, the actor had to change his birthday plans entirely. Bella 19 and Connor 17, along with other members of the family arrived in California on Tuesday. They all spent Cruise’s birthday together. The actor did not stop in New York in order to avoid Paparazzi. A family member said the situation is difficult with the paparazzi and he did not want to subject his daughter Suri, to additional trauma.

Reports are that Cruise talks with his young daughter on many different occasions each day. Sources say not seeing his daughter has been very hard on Cruise and it showed on his birthday, as those with him said his mood was somber.

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