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Cruise Ship With Engine Failure Stranded in Atlantic

April 14, 2012– A Dutch expedition ship with 73 passengers and over 40 crewmembers is stranded in the South Atlantic. The ship has had partial engine failure and has dropped anchor at South Georgia’s Grytviken, which is a former whaling area and now a very popular stop for cruise ships when visiting Antarctica.

On Thursday a press released sent out by Oceanwide, said the passengers were safe and no threat to the environment had occurred due to the problems with the ship. The cruise is a 32-night voyage from Ushuaia to the Cape Verdes Islands that started on March 29. The voyage was interrupted on April 9 however, when one of the ships engines lost power.

Because of the lost power, the ship can only sail at 5 knots when there are calm conditions and would not be able to maintain its course in the open ocean when there are rough seas.

The passengers, mainly American and Dutch, will sail to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, via a chartered vessel, which will leave on April 19. They will arrive in Uruguay on April 24 and will be flown to their final destination.

The ship’s captain said the moral onboard was good considering the circumstances and that some of the passengers have taken walks as part of an unorganized excursion plan set up by the expedition staff on the ship.

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