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Cruise Passengers Spend Three Times more on Souvenirs

September 27, 2012- An independent cruising travel agency online has released new research that reveals cruise ship passengers spend over triple the amount of money for souvenirs than those travelers who take a vacation on dry land. The majority of cruise ship travelers said they purchase at least a souvenir in each of the ports they stop during their cruise.

The new study gives insight into the spending habits of cruise passengers as well as those taking other vacations, when it involved purchasing souvenirs. Over 2,000 Britons who were 18 years of age or older were polled. Half of the respondents went on a cruise vacation while the other half went on a dry land vacation. All 2,000 of the respondents spent 7 days on their vacation.

The study asked all of the respondents if they purchased any souvenirs while on their last vacation abroad. An overwhelming majority (89%) answered “yes.” The survey then asked the travelers to specify the amount of money spent on all souvenirs purchased while on their most recent vacation.

The results show that dry land vacationers spent an average of $27.42 while those on cruise vacation spent on average over $93.75. Therefore, the results found that cruise vacationers spend on average for souvenirs about triple that of vacationers who take a dry land trip.

Fifty-five percent of cruise vacationers said they were tempted to buy a souvenir in every port they visited while on their cruise. The majority of dry land vacations (49%) purchased their items abroad because they were cheaper than they could purchase at home.

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