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Crash Details Unknown In Cuba’s Dissident Death

Cuba’s top dissident, Oswaldo Paya Sardinas, has died in a suspicious car crash.

July 26, 2012- On Monday, Cuba’s leading dissident lost his life in a car crash said authorities from the Caribbean nation. Family and friends mourned Oswaldo Paya Sardinas, as he gave many years of his life towards the struggle for democratic reform and freedom in Cuba. The White House released a statement that said Paya maintained his optimism up until his death that his country would one day see a democratic transition.

Paya was a devout Catholic and headed a movement that attempted political change via non-violent means in Cuba. Monday, a short article appeared in the newspaper Granma, run by the government, which mentioned the car crash in which Paya died. The article did not mention what he did or that he was the country’s leading critic of its leaders. The article only said the accident was regrettable.

The state-run newspapers and other forms of media, rarely report anything about activists who are anti-government except when it brands them as traitors who are working for the government of the U.S. against Cuba and its people.

The crash was said to occur last Sunday and a driver, who was not identified apparently lost control and hit a tree near Bayamo, at the eastern of the island. One other person died in the crash and two were injured. One man injured was from Spain, while the other was Swedish.

The accident is under investigation and the two survivors will be key to determining what really happened. Some people believe the car may have been run off the road.

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