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Court Battle Of Tech Giants Begins

Apple targets another law suits to Samsung over patent issue

July 30, 2012- Two of the world’s largest tech companies will start another court battle on Monday that will be closely watched, as it could have huge repercussions over who controls the tablet and smartphone market in the U.S.

Apple has sued Samsung Electronics alleging the technology company’s computer tablets and smartphones are knockoffs of its own iPads and iPhones. Apple is asking for damages in excess of $2.5 billion, an award that would be much more than any other patent related verdict previously.

Samsung says that Apple is the one stealing and some of its technology like the rounded rectangular design features of the tablets and smartphones has been the standard in the industry for many years.

The trial in the U.S. is just another of the skirmishes between the tech companies over their product designs. Another trial that is similar started last week. In Germany and the United Kingdom, the two tech giants have been fighting in courtrooms for quite some time. There presently are over 50 lawsuits between telecommunications companies that are fighting for position in the huge $220 billion tablets and smartphone market.

In June, Samsung was told by a judge in California to pull its computer tablet Galaxy 10.1 from the market pending the trial’s outcome, although Apple attorneys were told by the judge that they could not tell the jury that decision.

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