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Conductor Masur Falls From Podium

April 28, 2012– Kurt Masur, the New York Philharmonic’s former music director, was hospitalized following an onstage accident in Paris at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees. The conductor, who is 84 years of age, fell into the theatre’s front row from the podium, while conducting on Thursday night for France’s National Orchestra.

Masur was immediately taken to a Paris hospital where reports said his injuries were not serious and that he would be released soon. He fell into the first row of the audience but none of the audience members reported being injured by his fall.

Witnesses said Masur fell backwards and onto his back. His left foot slipped off the podium causing the fall. His fall, said his representative, was not related to any health problems. The representative said Masur is as healthy as anyone else who is 84.

The renowned conductor from Germany recently cancelled a number of performances citing a physical condition, but no officials commented any further about his condition. A year ago, Masur debuted at the Walt Disney Concert Hall leading the Los Angeles Philharmonic and renowned violinist Sarah Chang. At that time, critics described the then 83-year old as thinner and more gaunt than when they had seen him previously, but still maintaining a very active pace.

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