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Con Ed Talks Break Down

Consolidated Edison Company has locked out it’s union workers.

July 1, 2012- New York City is headed into a week of high temperatures. The temperatures will strain the electrical grid as Consolidated Edison Company managers took on new roles as of Sunday. The company sent home over 8,000 union workers after a breakdown Sunday of contract negotiations. The managers will now work jobs the union workers were doing. The lockout is the first for Con Ed in over 30 years.

The union members are part of the largest utility union in the company and were locked out following the expiration of their contract at midnight on Sunday. Less than two hours after that, talks over a new contract broke down. Nearly 5,000 managers, including some who are former members of the union, will work to keep the company running.

Union workers have warned that the managers, who they claim include supervisors who have retired, might not have the training or numbers required to maintain the company during the hot summer weather when there is extra demand for air conditioning and major power failures are created.

A Con Ed spokesman said the managers have been trained, experienced and the utility was putting its focus on essential operations.

Each side has blamed the other for the current standoff. The dispute over the new contract centers round pension benefits. The two sides were far from any agreement when the Sunday expiration date arrived.

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