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Colorado Theatre Shooting Suspect In Solitary Confinement

Accused multiple murderer James Holmes is in solitary confinement.

July 22, 2012– James Holmes is accused of massacring 12 people and injuring dozens more in a shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater. Holmes remains unapologetic for his actions and irrational in the jail where he is being held. One inmate said Holmes was spitting at everything and was acting crazy. The former honors student and candidate for a Ph.D did not speak when he was led to his cell by six officers upon his arrival.

Authorities at the jail put Holmes on suicide watch and placed him in solitary confinement. One employee at the jail said Holmes was acting as if he were in a Batman movie and was the Joker.

Two other inmates in the jail said officials at the jail were concerned about Holmes’ safety. On his first night locked up, prisoners chanted “kid killer” to him in reference to one of his 12 victims who was just 6 years old.

Wayne Medley, an inmate who was just released, said all of the inmates in the jail were talking about how to kill Holmes. He said everyone was looking for the chance to kill him and it was the only topic of conversation in the jail.

One guard said if Holmes were to enter the general population of the jail he would not live to appear in court on Monday. He is expected to arrive in court, under very heavy security, on Monday for his first court appearance.

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