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Chaos, Fire and Death at Spa in Wisconsin

October 23, 2012- On Sunday a Wisconsin man accused of slashing the tires of his wife’s car and domestic violence went into a spa were she was employed and shot up to seven women. Three of the women died from their wounds. The gunmen then killed himself, said the chief of police in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Following the shootings, there was a six hour search for the shooter, which caused a local mall to be locked down along with a country club and hospital, located nearby. Activity in and around the area was frozen in a community that is middle to upper class just west of the city if Milwaukee. Police ultimately found the gunmen dead inside the spa.

The local medical examiner said the wife of the gunman was among the three women who were killed at the spa. Zina Haughton 42 was killed at the Azana Spa. The other two victims were Maelyn Lind, 38 and Cary Robuck, 35.

The other four women injured all remained hospitalized. One of them was listed in critical condition, while the other three were listed in satisfactory condition. No names of the four people wounded were released.

The gunman, Radcliffe Haughton was 45 years of age and died of a self inflicted gunshot. Court documents show that his wife, Zina said he had threatened to throw acid in her face and terrorized her relentlessly because of his jealousy.

In October, she filed for a restraining order through a written request. She said in the request that her husband had been convinced she had cheated on him and he had vowed to burn both her and her entire family with gas.

Earlier in October Haughton had been arrested by law enforcement after slashing the tires on his wife’s vehicle. On Thursday, she received a restraining order against her husband for four years.

In September of 2011, there was another criminal complaint filed against Haughton over a standoff he had with police, after he started throwing clothes out of the house and pouring tomato juice on his wife’s car.

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