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California Bill Would Allow Multiple Parents

California lawmakers are considering a motion to allow mutiple parents for children.

July 4, 2012– California lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow children to have multiple parents. Mark Leno, a democratic state Senator from San Francisco, introduced SB1476. The bill would amend the current California law that only allows for two parents for each child. The new bill allows for multiple parents to best protect the interests of the child.

The additional number of parents would be required to meet a definition of parent that would be established by the court. The bill would bring California into modern day 21st century, recognizing that family structures are not the same as what they were one or more generations ago.

The bill is not intended to expand the definition of parent, but instead eliminate the two per child limit. Leno said his inspiration for the legislation came from a case in state appellate court in 2011, in which a young child had two mothers. One of the two mothers was sent to prison and the other became hospitalized, the biological father of the girl wanted to care for her.

However, the court ruled the father could not become her legal guardian since she already had two parents, which under the current law, was as many as she could have.

After the case concluded, the state took the girl in their custody.

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