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Brits to Wake Up to Prince Harry Nude Photos

British tabloids decided to publish Prince Harry’s nude photos on Friday

August 24, 2012 – One of the British tabloids decided to publish Prince Harry’s nude photos on Friday. The Sun announced it would publish the photos after originally announcing they would not. Millions of internet users have already seen them, but none of the British newspapers has published them, until now.

David Dinsmore the Managing Editor for The Sun said it has become an issue of the freedom of the press. Dinsmore said no one at the newspaper was against the young Prince having a good time. Rather this is about how ridiculous it is that hundreds of millions of Internet users can see the photos online but they cannot be seen in print in British newspapers.

When published Friday, it makes the newspaper the first one in Britain to publish the photos  despite St. James Palace’s request that they not be published, saying it would infringe on the privacy of the prince. A Prince Harry spokesperson declined to make a comment late Thursday night.

Most papers in Britain had decided to not publish the photos complying with the voluntary Code of Practice that states it’s unacceptable to take photos of people in private places if you do not have their consent.  The photos of the prince were taken while he partied in a hotel suite in Las Vegas.

The newspaper said it took great care before deciding to publish the photos since it is a responsible paper and works very closely with the entire royal family.

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