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Britons Stay In UK For More Trips From Home

June 25, 2012– A new survey was taken recently of more than 2,500 people in the UK, who say they would prefer to holiday somewhere in the UK or Ireland that to go overseas. An online auto rental agency conducted the new survey that found close to one third of those who responded chose Ireland and the UK as their favorite spots to holiday, despite so many places to choose from including Portugal, France, Egypt and Turkey. The second most popular destination for the respondents was Spain, with 16% saying they would prefer to go there.

The poll also showed that a number of Brits plan to take more holidays during this year compared to last year. Close to 50% who responded are budgeting for additional holidays despite the economy being so poor. Only 20% of those participating said they were going to cut back on holidays, claiming they will spend less time on holidays than in 2011.

The recent survey shows how Internet is the more preferred method of making reservations for their holiday. Over seventy-four percent of those who responded made their reservations online. That was compared to only 19% who preferred to go to a local travel agent and even fewer, 8% who preferred the phone.

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