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British Couple Sentenced to Jail for Sex in Taxi

British Couple Sentenced to Jail for Sex in Taxi

November 25, 2012- A woman from Britain and an Irishman were sentenced to a three-month jail term in Dubai for having sex in the back of a taxicab. Rebecca Blake was with Conor McRedmond, who she had only met earlier in the day. They were alleged to have stripped off their clothes and had sexual intercourse following a 10-hour drinking binge.

The two said they only had been hugging and that the driver of the taxi only reported the incident because they claimed to catch him taking a longer route back to where they lived.

Nevertheless, a court in Dubai found the two guilty as both the taxi driver and a policeman insisted the couple was being more intimate. The two appealed and were released on bail pending the appeal in January. However, both must remained in the country while they await their appeals as their passports were confiscated by the court.

Blake is a recruiter for Dorking, while McRedmond, is a welder. The two were arrested back in May after meeting one another at a bar in a hotel. The two had been attending an all you can drink brunch at the hotel. Following the brunch, the two started drinking at happy hour at the bar and then moved to an Irish pub nearby.

The taxi driver said McRedmond was drinking from a bottle and then threw it out the window. He said once the two decided on where they were going, each one started taking off their clothes and the woman was sitting on the man’s thighs.

The driver said the woman was completely naked and making sounds while moving up and down. When the driver saw the police, he pulled his taxi over and called over the officer.

The officer said when he approached the taxi, the two were having sex in the back and he interrupted their intercourse by tapping the window.

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