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British Arrest Seven More Terror Suspects

More terror suspects have been arrested by authorities in England.

July 7, 2012– Seven more men were arrested on Friday for suspicion of terrorism in Britain. The arrests were made after authorities found weapons in a vehicle stopped on a major roadway. British security is on its highest alert ahead of the upcoming London Olympics.

Authorities stopped the car for a routine check in South Yorkshire in the north of England. The suspects arrested are believed to be tied to militant Islamism and were being held for questioning but it is unclear what the seven were planning. The suspects had been arrested when police spotted firearms and other weapons in the car.

Six men were arrested earlier in the week. The six were held on suspicion of preparing or instigating terrorism acts. Britain has spent millions of dollars to increase its security in its preparation for the Olympics that will start at the end of July.

The security arm of the country has placed the security threat for the country at substantial, meaning there is a strong possibility of an attack. That is still once notch lower than it has been for the most part since the 2005 bus bombings in London that took the lives of 52 people.

The head of security for the country has said repeatedly that there is no intelligence linking any potential attacks directly towards the Olympics.

Watchdogs are making sure British authorities do not overreact and jeopardize the civil rights of individuals.

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