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Brazil Tightening Its Borders

Brazil is planning on securing it’s borders with unmanned drones.

April 18, 2012- For over 500 years, anyone or anything could crossover into Brazil with relative ease. That era is coming to an end. Brazil has seen its economy surge and it is now being forced to secure its own borders to slow down the influx of illegal immigrants, drugs and other contraband.

Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, has been under huge political pressure due to a crack epidemic in a number of cities in the country. She plans to spend over $8 billion to overhaul the way the country tackles an issue that will have implications for agriculture, trade and other sectors in the economy.

The prosperity Brazil has enjoyed has created a new class of consumers, millions and millions of people living near the world’s three largest producers of cocaine: Bolivia, Colombia and Peru. Brazil has now taken over as the second largest consumer of cocaine in the world, behind just the United States. The country also is a large consumer of ecstasy, marijuana and a host of other different drugs.

Rousseff wants to choke off the flow of illegal drugs and that could work out well for Embraer one of the country’s aircraft manufacturers. Embraer plans to manufacture a new line of drones that will patrol the country’s borders.

Brazil’s border is five times larger than that of the Mexico-U.S. border, and includes over 10,000 miles of jungle in the Amazon while touching 10 countries. The cost alone has sparked debate in Brazil’s Congress as to whether it is worth the effort and money to implement all Rousseff wants.

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