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Boy Survives Shot In Head From Dad

Boy survives gun shot in Hospital

July 30, 2012– A man from Massachusetts shot two of his kids on Sunday, killing one and wounding the second. He then committed suicide by shooting himself, said police. When authorities arrived at the Oxford, Massachusetts home of Daryl Benway, they found the 41-year old in the master bedroom with Abagail his 7-year old. The two were lying on the floor dead. Owen, Benway’s nine-year old son was found lying on the kitchen floor alive with a gunshot wound to the head.

The incident took place during a fierce thunderstorm that raced through the area hiding the sound of gun shots from everyone close by, expect for Benway’s brother. The brother lived on the first floor of the residence and immediately phoned police. Owen was rushed to the pediatric trauma unit in a Worcester hospital where doctors said he was in serious condition.

Benway and his wife separated from one another earlier this month. Authorities said he did not have a criminal record. According to his Facebook page, Benway was employed by TJX Companies. The company owns retail businesses such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Friends who left messages on his Facebook wall said they were confused and expressed their loss for Benway. One writer said he knew Benway his entire life and could not believe he would kill his child.

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