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Boston Expensive To Visit

Boston has the most expensive hotels in the U.S.

April 22, 2012– CheapHotels.org just completed a survey of destinations across the United States to find out what one destination is the most expensive when it comes to lodging. The survey looked at how much the traveler would spend, on average, to stay at the cheapest hotel available. The room they used as an example was a double room in May in 30 of the most popular destinations in the U.S.

In Boston, the survey found that the minimum average amount to stay one night in a hotel was $194. That price makes the capital of Massachusetts substantially more expensive that even New York. The Big Apple had a minimum cost of $172 per night making it the second most expensive destination on the list of 30. Rounding out the Top 3 on the list was Philadelphia, with a nightly average rate of $154.

Only hotels that were located in the city center or close to the main attractions in the city were used. Because of this, hotels that are located in the airport’s or suburbs around the city were not chosen and often times are much less expensive than one located “downtown.”

The least expensive of the cheapest hotel rooms were found in Las Vegas and Orlando. In Las Vegas, the cheapest average price for a room for a night was $36, while in Orlando it was only $33.

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