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Bon Jovi’s Daughter Arrested at College

Daughter of singer Jon Bon Jovi was arrested following a suspected overdose on heroin at Hamilton College

November 15, 2012- On Wednesday, the daughter of singer Jon Bon Jovi was arrested following a suspected overdose on heroin at Hamilton College. Details are still quite sketchy, but it has been reported that an ambulance was sent to Stephanie Bongiovi’s dorm room and that police had recovered both marijuana and heroin.

When paramedics reached the singer’s daughter she was still unresponsive, but after being rushed to the hospital, she became conscious and is expected to make a full recovery.

However, Stephanie was booked on charges of seventh-degree possession of heroin, possession of marijuana and use of drug paraphernalia. Ian Grant, a man who was also in her room, was charged with possession as well. Hamilton College said they were helping with the police investigation and said that both of the students could be facing disciplinary action.

Bon Jovi and his daughter are thought to have a close relationship, with the longtime rocker once saying when his daughter was sending instant messages to friends it looks as if it was a code and he asked her what it meant and she said, “Dad watching over my shoulder, gotta run.”

Although both Stephanie and her friend Ian must appear before a judge soon, the latter was given praise by the Director of Drug Policy in New York State, who said most people, unlike Grant, do not call 911 when they witness someone having an overdose.

Studies show that most people do not call out of fear of being arrested or because of the stigma of drug use. Most worry they will end up getting a ride in a police car and not an ambulance.

Bon Jovi could not be reached for comment nor would any of his representatives confirm or deny the story. It is thought that the rocker was meeting with his daughter over the situation.

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